• For Print Work

    I Mostly enjoy any print work. Doing catalogs or flyers is quite fun. Everything gets to line up nicely and look pretty. 2014-2015: Some recent work I have done for All Natural Botanicals includes website work as well as print work. Here are a few examples from the recent catalog that I just finished working(…)

  • Photo Editing

    I’ve done photo editing for work and for fun. Sometimes the editing was simple, sometimes more “tweaking” was needed, and sometimes I got to be inventive and get crazy. These are only a few of the examples. All with before and afters. *CLICK PICTURES TO ENLARGE*

  • Whistle While You Work

    These are a few Items that I did while working at Artist & Craftsman. The characters were already created, and we take those to make any banners, posters, signage, etc. The flowers on the “Bill’s Garden” poster were especially fun to make. This is mainly print work. You can see more of my for-print examples(…)

  • Web Work

    *This page requires you to go the extra mile and click on links to go to specific sites and pages. You can do it. I believe in you.*   There have been some websites I have worked on in the past. Some already existing that I assited with such as the company ecommerce site for(…)

  • Product Packaging

    I’ve been able to assist in product packing in the past, as well as little things like stickers for products and items. A recent design I did was for a fragrance gift set. The measurements had to be done in centimeters because it was going to China to be print and cut. I also did(…)